Show Notes:

Today is a first for UP. We share our favorite use case for Tegus- connecting our partners with industry legends! We sit down with Jenny Bloom (former CFO of MailChimp and Zapier) and Akash Khanolkar (Co-Founder of Octane). We get a great deep dive into how MailChimp and Zapier became successful. We get into how Jenny was able to lead and make pivotal decisions along the way. For any SaaS business leader, this is a great podcast to listen to. IOHO! (In our honest opinion!)

I am your host, Thomas McGannon.

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Jenny Bloom LinkedIn

Akash Khanolkar LinkedIn

Octaine AI

**MailChimp Zapier**

Thomas McGannon LinkedIn



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Jenny’s Background as former CFO of Mailchimp and Zapier

[03:28] Thomas McGannon: I've been looking forward to speaking with you very much. I really appreciate you taking some time for us today.